Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers are Diaper Liners that Stop Leaky Diapers

Diaper Doublers - Best For Babies

What Are Diaper Doublers?

Basically, it might be the answer for all your interrupted nights. Technically they are an insert for diapers, no matter if you prefer disposable or cloth diapers.

Leaky Diapers - Stop Diaper Leaks with Diaper Doublers

You use a diaper doubler to prevent you or your baby from being disturbed by middle of the night or early morning diaper leaks. It’s a relief to not have to worry about changing her out of wet pajamas first thing in the morning or having to change the sheet in her crib every day. It’s also much easier than keeping up with two sizes of diapers whether it is daytime or nighttime. Or you can try overnight diapers.

What Do Diaper Doublers Look Like?

Diaper Doublers look a lot like an ordinary diaper without the bulk. Some people are skeptical because to some they look like sanitary napkins. But after trying them, everybody is sold on them!

Do They Really Work?

Yes! It has been proven that parents who had issues with leaky diapers have 80% more nights without a wake-up.

Where Can I Get Them?

They are really hard to find in retails stores. Lucky for you, we have a huge selection of Diaper Doublers online at great prices. Get Your Diaper Doublers Now!

Are Diaper Doublers Expensive?

Not at all! You can get them for a fraction of what you would pay for the benefits you get. That’s a huge savings in life quality, time and money. Some people use two overnight diapers to keep their baby sleeping. Compare how much you would spend using two ordinary diapers with the cost for an ordinary diaper combined with a Diaper Doubler!

How Do Diaper Doublers Attach?

They are very thin (about 1/2″) and simply get inserted into the diaper. There is no adhesive or anything that may harm or make your baby feel uncomfortable. For a girl, just leave the insert in the middle of the diaper. For a boy, pull it to the front.

Do You Have to Buy Larger Sizes of Diapers for Using Them?

Now, as to diaper size, if your baby is for example is with 19 pounds at the beginning of size three diapers, which can be used from 16-28 pounds. There is enough room to add the insert. If your child would be at the end of size three, it might be better to go one size up.

What Is The Difference To Overnight Diapers?

Diaper Doublers hold a lot of liquid, much more than Overnight Diapers can. Plus you don’t have to keep up two different sizes of diapers!
Last but not least: you will save a lot of money. Over time, you will save tons of money.

Get Your Diaper Doublers And A Pleasant Life With Your Baby Now!