Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers are Diaper Liners that Stop Leaky Diapers

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Diaper Doublers Fan Lisa from Minnesota:

These things are the best invention ever. My baby has not had 1 leak since i started using them with her. With my son, we had to cut the diaper and then in the morning he would have all that goopie diaper stuff stuck on him, but with the doublers my little girl has stayed dry all night. Why is Baby’s R Us discontinuing them?

Linda, mother of 5 little children from Texas:

With a little guy that sleeps on his tummy and therefore wakes up wet every morning, these have been a Gods send! Less laundry, fewer baths, happy baby (due to a full nights sleep) all equal happy mommy! I’ve tried all brnd of diapers and they just don’t keep him dry through the night. Diaper Doublers are hard to find but well worth it when you do. Highly recommended product!

Sara from Florida used Diaper Doublers for her twins:

We have twin girls and these Diaper Doublers are the best. We don’t put them to bed without them! Our girls sleep on their bellies and pee a lot so these work great for us. We put them in their diaper so that some of the pad is showing a little above the diaper below their belly button and they work really well that way. Before using these, they would wake up with soaked sheets and jammies. They rarely wake up like that now.

Britney used them for her little son Matthew:

We tried Diaper Doublers after having problems with my 2 y/o son waking up soaked with urine in the morning. We usually change him in his sleep around midnight, but now he’s wetting later and is dry at that time. I figured these would be great.
They remind me of a sanitary napkin without the sticky side. At first I thought that was weird, but I think it is so the urine can pass through to the diaper. They are ok. Might be easier if they had some kind of adhesive to keep them in place during the diaper change. My son still wakes up wet sometimes, but not everyday. So they do help us.

Let’s see what Pete from Ohio has to say about Diaper Doublers:

Both of my children, 13 months apart, wet like crazy overnight. (Esp. the littler one who still takes a bottle or two at night. The older one sleep for 12 hours straight.) I have tried all the brand of diapers and to no avail. The diaper doublers really help to keep them dry. I pull it to the front for the boy and leave in middle for the girl, then I cinch the fasteners snugly and go to bed worry free.